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Very few people are actually satisfied with their mobile phone plan. The numbers of customers churning to new plans and providers are testament to this. Whether it is the service you aren’t completely satisfied with, the fact that they charge you too much per call, don’t offer you enough call credit or the prepaid credit simply runs out too early, the fact is that people are likely to move every two – three years.

Following a recent poll on our website recently, customers voted two key concerns they had with their mobile phone plan. Contract mobile phone plans offered very little by way of protection from what is well known as “Bill Shock”. The second was that even when prepaid was the plan type they selected, having to recharge every month had become quite a nuisance. Furthermore it reminded them of how much they were actually spending.

There are a few solutions that customers can look into that can assist. The launch and popularity of unlimited plans has given many customers the option of a plan that will cover all of their call costs each month with one flat fee. For around $40 each month they can make unlimited local fixed line calls, mobile calls and SMS as many times as they like. These plans tend to also cover 13/1800 number calls too and come with a reasonable data allowance.

Whilst they can assist with “Bill Shock”, they don’t altogether entirely prevent it. Spend too much on overseas calls, or download too much data and you could still face the unpleasant bill at the end of the month. These are exceptions though so for most people, the “Unlimited” offer should suite them just fine. recargas telcel

Look at plans offered by the likes of Amaysim, Crazy Johns, Lebara Mobile, Dodo, Savvytel. All of these providers offer an “Unlimited’ option.

What about those customers who find their prepaid credit simply runs out too soon. The greatest benefit offered by the prepaid mobile plan is that it protects you from overspending. You can only spend what you recharge. So whilst recharging can be annoying it is also your security blanket.

There are a few plans out there however which will give you the protection of prepaid but also remove the risk of running out of credit. Plans offered by the likes of “Red Bull Mobile” give you the ability to recharge once each year and then have access to unlimited local, fixed line calls plus SMS for an entire 12 months. With this also comes a large allowance of internet access.



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